C V by B O U D I CC A

The thought of a copy.

Is that an idea in itself, a creative process of stealing...?

It seems and appears to be common practice to steal. We all do.

I mean steal in the way of inspire, appropriation, re-build, deconstruct, reconstruct and yet, there are those times when somehow the boundary is crossed and theft of an idea is no longer inspired by, but a copy of, in a most considered way, to make a pure and intolerable amount of money.

It is easy. You wait for another to trip out a thought. Let them work out the idea, watch if it seduces people and then when the item and time is right to copy, you just cut, copy paste, spread fast and furiously to many, sit back and cash in.

Memeplexes, large groups of imitators, replicators are now organised by these head copyist. This, when seen working within the capitalist systems we have had built around us, is a genuine fast repeat system, incurring loss to the origin of the idea and wealth to the copyist.

Can we protect ideas? Should we protect ideas? Or should in fact we just remain confident as those who have ideas? Ideas that the world is dependant on, a ream and breed of thoughts to revolve and move around, that inspire and revolve from others. The despair is that the ripple from the epicentre of an idea, although long lasting, is rarely felt by its origin.

And again that is OK. Ideas are part of our beauty, our humanity.

We should be free in how we advance ideas, we should be open in their expression, and we should support more thoroughly the development of ideas in all contexts and maybe focus on that spirit rather than the fear of loss, the fear of bullying from those replicators.

It is all about how you sum it up and see clearly that there is no possible fight to win in fighting. The best result is to dis-empower by having another idea. Move fast, keep thoughts rapid and continue to expand the learning ability that we each have.

The future for those that a copy is dull and boring. They leave no legacy. They inspire few, they manipulate and replicate, and the truth is we should care little and share no page space, even giving them any significance. The only regret for them is, that if they only understood that they could use their power in a much more creative way, even as a copyist, then maybe we would have a clearer horizon for us all.

It is a complex essay, not able to sum up in a few lines that involves planetary concerns, creative support and education for all.

Zowie Broach, 2008.


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