Welcome to the anniversary issue of VERY magazine!

It's now 10 years that we publish VERY magazine, followed by VERY CITY guides and VERY FASHION both launched in 2000 - with the more recent addition of VERY Ecological City and VERYstylemap ... and soon the new venture of VERY-eco.com.

Reflecting on the last decade, I sat down to do a headcount of our many publication: 12 VERY magazine, 1 VERYeye2eye magazine, 47 VERY guides (that includes London, New York, Pars, Berlin, Rio and the global fashion guides) and w maps (Ecological London and Hyères) we have made to date. No wonder we have been busy! While I look forward to many more, I am equally happy to be launching VERY-eco.com and the new VERY-Forum this fall.

What can I say? I am happy to be able to write this today; can we believe how time passed so fast, and how the world has changed since 1997? We started this endeavour in 1996 with me going back and forth New York/London, and on September 5th 1997 I held the first copy of VERY in my hand. It was exhilarating, and scary at the same time. Dizzily I cycled back from the printers on 18th Street with my first copy dangling from the steering wheel, through the West Village, past Washington Square, all along wondering if it was the best, or worst thing I'd ever done in my life.

I am not sure if we will ever find the answer. All I can say, is that 10 years on my entire life still revolves around VERY and its offsprings, the art and the artists involved, the photographers and photography, the fashion and all the human issues we cover: our articles and subjects come straight from the heart - and from people we know and care about.

I am particularly happy that many of our contributors are great friends and have been with us for a very long time, if not from the start. It is really a VERY family, true to the sense in a modern world.

Since 2002 (VERY 9), our covers these days feature creatives who have input into our magazine's content. The rule is, whoever is on the cover, (his or...) her work will be equally featured in the magazine. We call them “VERY Heroes” – just like their fellow creatives we feature in the VERY guides, no such thing as "just a pretty face" - at VERY!

So for this issue our cover hero is Lauri Bortz of Abaton Book Company, NY who has been involved in VERY UP & CO since its very inception as a gallery in Tribeca - and who is also previewing her upcoming book & film. Sarah Shatz, longstanding VERY photographer & cover hero of VERY 9, gives us the honour to celebrate the magazine's birthday with her photographic exhibition at The Library in Brompton Cross, London.

Thank you, everybody!

Uscha Pohl
London, September 2007

Features in order of appearance:

Vera Valdez, Chanel No 1: Danniel Rangel
Life Is a Breath - Oscar Niemeyer turns hundred: Danniel Rangel
New York Calling: Photography Michael Bonacci, Styling Sarah Maher
A Muse Um: Langlands & Bell
Michelangelo Pistoletto: Cristiana Bottigella
The Cold Way: Uscha Pohl
Home Is Not Where the Heart Is: Hugh Thomson
Afghanistan Unveiled: Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Design For Life: Christian Cheesman
Sombra Noble: Dadadandy
St Moritz & Capri: Florio Puenter
Spirit: Philippe Blondez
Kansas: Sarah Shatz
Kung Fu Kitty: Lauri Bortz

All VERY Publications are edited and published by founder/owner Uscha Pohl.


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Lauri Bortz, photographed by Sarah Shatz.

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