Features in order of appearance:

Family Album, by Atlanta Rascher featuring the modern family of Boudicca.

Explorer Erling Kagge and "Philosophy for Polar Explorers".

Danakil: The Desperation of Those who have Everything (le desespoir de ceux qui ont tout)
Palermo, photography by Tomek Sierek.

Tropical Modernism by Danniel Rangel.

Uscha Pohl speaking to John Baldessari.

Fiestas de San Jorge - Julian Demoraga

Poésie Fatale - Julian Demoraga.

Jenny Bel'Air - the Film, by Régine Abadia.

Green Fashion & Eco Chic by Celia Lyttelton.

Some(one) sets the Standard - Katharine Hamnett
Reclaim-ed To Wear - Recycling and the search for new solutions - Orsola De Castro, from somewhere.

Don't Fence Me in by Lauri Bortz, the rise and fall of barbed wire.

Trading Barbs - An interview with a twisted artist - Lauri Bortz speaking to Bill Schwarz.

True Love, by Hedwig von Knorre, on having been married to a fraudster.

Artist, designer, illustrator Manu Burghart.

All VERY Publications are edited and published by founder/owner Uscha Pohl and emerged from her New York / London art enterprise UP & CO.


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Manu Burghart, photographed by Kira Bunse.