Welcome to the 10th issue of VERY magazine.

Thank you everyone - who is, and has been part of VERY, the magazine, the network and the styleguides, who are equally in their tenth issue this autumn. Participants, artists, sponsors - thanks for your support, how exciting that we have made it to our first double digits, therefore our first jubilee!

I am delighted to be able to launch this special, and (first extended) issue together with the fourth season of On Off in fashionweek at the Royal Academy of Arts.

On Off is the London - based fashionweek project of Lee Lapthorne of doll. Hosting catwalk shows and static designer exhibitions, Lee drives the project with a global vision and the foresight that creativity needs nurturing. London fashion is internationally known for its creativity - and sadly, as much for the lack of its support by the industry. On Off brings the fresh and pro-active approach which is needed. Working with the Royal Academy of Arts as regular venue partner, this project combines a number of crucial elements: showcasing upcoming as well as established designers, a central location, glamour mixed with hospitability and a connection to the arts. Throw in a management with a vision, and you are onto a winner. (go to page 51 for the whole scoop)

For the jubilous occasion of our tenth anniversary, we have more than one reason to look back as well as forward. Check out the Cees Krijnen-versus-Rembrandt van Rijn-feature (pages 48/49, back cover). Dedicated VERY followers might remember that “The Woman In Divorce Battle On Tour” started off with an quarter page ad in VERY 6, calling all readers to come to the Blok versus Krijnen divorce case in 1999. Now - see what
happened, a few years on! The case - which became a project - took on momentum, and in 2005 Cees’ work with his mother is touring together with that of Rembrandt van Rijn for the latter’s centenary. Well done Cees, and, stay tuned with VERY, is all I can say.

I look forward to many more VERY projects and magazines, may they spur plenty more exciting projects featured in many other magazines, books, history books and who knows where else!

Uscha Pohl
9 September 2005
London, in a tropical thunderstorm.

Features include:
Life Hurts / Ellen Cantor
Jason Shulman
Ananatural Products
Simian Sez, Mark Dagley & Lauri Bortz
Keith Cunningham
The Plunge / Fashion by Tomek Sierek
Sarah de Teliga and Duro Olowu
Marilyn’s Dream House / Frank Lloyd Wright
XX Rated Dolls by Pat Kurs
New Treasures (Belmacz)
Conny Groenewegen
Hidden Beauty
Valentino and Roja Dove
Fading Light / Fashion by Tomek Sierek
Martien Mulder
Cees’ Mother, Fiction & Reality, Rembrandt van Rijn

Ana Prvacki, Dr L.M. Entropy, Keith Cunningham,
C. Marclay, Mike Dempsey, Tomek Sierek,
Duro Olowu, Danniel Rangel, Uscha Pohl,
Peppe Orru, Conny Groenewegen,
Stuart McKenzie, Simon Kristoph, Gisela Torres,
Doris Wintgens Hötte, Cees Krijnen,
Marina Olivati, Kumiko Tsumagari, Marko Matysik,
Aga Sierek, Oliver Wood, Lauri Bortz,
Mark Dagley, Stuart McKenzie, Sarah de Teliga,
Lee Lapthorne, Pshemko Sierek,
Giles @ Pearl Management, Terry Barber,
Fred van der Bunt

Sarah Shatz, Tomek Sierek, Dominik Gigler,
Peter Westh, Gisela Torres, Martien Mulder,
Hermanna Prinsen

Martien Mulder photographed by Sarah Shatz
Jacket Et Vous, T shirt customized Jockey Tee,
Hair Fred van de Bunt @ art department, NY