VERY 9 leaves behind the tradition of VERY teenage covers and features creative individuals, chosen for the sensitivity and ability to inspire, as well as their charismatic beauty.

Projects include cover-star Sarah Shaltz, Annee Olofsson and Mia Enell, Mark Borthwick, Daisy de Villenuve.


Shinzo Fukuhara – an interview with Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Uscha Pohl
Victoria Fernandez, Olga Ramos Esteban and Uscha Pohl
The Last Biba Baby, Daisy de Villeneuve, photos Justin de Villeneuve
Anneeè Olofsson, Cedric Plumb
Charlotte Stockdale, Ben Ingham
Picabia – the man of our Times? Sara Cochran
Mia Enell, Uscha Pohl
From the Horses Mouth: Mark Wallinger, Celia Lyttelton,
Lisa Stefanelli: A Strong Painter, John Yau
Crossing, David Austin
Fashion and Architecture – an interview with Joseph Ettedgui, Muzia Sforza/Domenico Raimondo
Monica Castiglioni - Anthias, Cedric Plumb
Lenox, MA, Sarah Shatz

Sarah Shatz, photographed by Uscha Pohl
Top People Used to Dream about the Future,
necklace Marie-Hélène de Taillac