Holiday season already, and suddenly it got so cold, luckily brisk and crisp, a NY specialty! In the meantime, summer here was VERY fruitful, indeed. I am excited to announce that VERY has a little brother now (you might have spotted it out there already, have gotten one of the first copes):

VERYstyleguide issue 00/00 came out during the September fashionweeks in New York and London. A listings pocket book, it covers everything from designer contacts to where to find what in fashion. It’s an aid to traveling in style and knowing hwre to go, from galleries to bars, globally. You will find cross-over concept stores and galleries, art projects, sites, multiples,… With plenty of pages to play with, I look forward to showcasing more places, events and talent in the upcoming season. Part mini-mag, part address book, I hope it comes in handy in your excursions. I also would like to thank everyone again who helped in the styleguide's creation (first children, you know…)

Hunting and gathering (information) was m summer, wit ever new prey, so enjoy the feat while we are out, looking for more. Most VERY locations will carry the mini VERY, too, so check it out ad check your pocket, for size!

Uscha Pohl
10 October 2000

Ronka Oberhammer: Pinhole Camera
Bertie Marshall: "If I fall off a table…"
Rémi Marie: Production?
Anthony Hayden-Guest: Tee-hee
Celia Lyttelton: Love in a Time of Islam
Tom Moody: The Trouble is (not) with Your Set
Wayne Hemingway: Athena
Angela Hill: Fashion Assistant
Uscha Pohl: Where Dreams Come True
Jodi Busby: Susan F
Mark Borthwick: Works in Bed
Thomas Girst: The Importance of Being Duchamp
Lauren Redniss: Subway
Peter Kattenberg: Andy Warhol
Uscha Pohl: Now News