So this is the first issue in the new millennium; two months have gone by at the speed of light already. I am still thinking about those memorable last few days of '99 that so casually drifted into 2000. I had joined Lara Schnitger, Matthew Moynahan and Matthew's father Mike Moynahan at Mike's place in Mexico, a great house & hilltop in open, cactus-studded land with 260 degrees of ocean around it. (Thanks, all). There are skywatch seats built into the mountainside to watch the glorious sunsets and stars in a triple-domed sky, mussels to be picked at the risk of one's life (no joke), rockdiving, and plenty of boccia and martinis.

I had planned however to re-join my folks in San Diego around the 28th to be in time for New Year’s eve. A young family with a VW van from the valley below had offered a lift back across the border. Just exactly when was unclear. For two days I turned my gaze to the horizon every other minute, hoping to see an approaching dust cloud.

On the 31st, Matt, Lara and I got up at 7 am to watch the solar-powered satellite TV: Japan, Hongkong, and New Zealand celebrating New Year: the tourist office version seemed very bizarre from our free-spirited, hillside position. Taking a break from history being made, we went to play pickleball (a westcoast cross between pingpong and tennis). At lunch, the mother of the VW driving family stormed in: "You wanna ride, meet us at the gate in 10 minutes." We drove to the gate that fenced off the neighboring land and waited. And waited. Minutes went by, then hours. Paris and Milan celebrated 2000, then London, while we dangled on the fence in the bright heat, waiting for the new century. You could almost see it physically approaching, in the open emptiness of this sunburned hill. Eventually, I did leave, but this was the highlight, the "waiting for time."

Well into the new year, none of my resolutions have been kept. I may not have a thousand years, but hopefully in a few decades I will come closer.

Uscha Pohl
In the office at 2 am, NYC, 6 March 2000

Julius Gil-Alonso d'Algevarra: Marko Matysik
Mia Enell: Sit
Nakako Hayashi: here and there
Eilish McCarrick: Portraits
Celia Lyttelton: Maurizio Cattelan
Angela Hill: The Go Between
University for Applied Arts: Vienna Projekt S20006
Paul H-O: The Cindy Sessions
Peter Kattenberg: Visual Painkillers
Greta Blok: Holy Matrimony
Michelangelo Pistoletto: Cees Krijnen, Cittàdellarte/Unidee
Martin Creed: Lights on Lights Off
Uscha Pohl Alberto Sorbelli
S I Robertson: Single Bullet Theory
Uscha Pohl: Duggie Fields