Going into the last year of our millennium even I can't help but feeling some apprehension. Maybe, it’s what I am seeing around me that makes me wonder if everything, or just sanity, has gone haywire. Susan Shaw calls it Pre-Millennial Tension. If '98 suffered the pain, what will it be in '99???

So let's deal with the dilemma now, before it gets boring already. Luckily, crisis creates creativity - here’s where we can take a deep breath. If the '90s have been a rather unashamed though much less bashful and fun replay of the '80s, their end may be hailed and a new definition of the self be called for. If "crossover" soon is old news, when we are tired of explaining the fat that it IS actually perfectly feasible to work in different worlds, geographically as well as creatively, well, what then? The we can finally exploit the new avenues of this great chance for the individual versus the corporate (global glumification). It has been happening in a location close to you - and watch out, the VERY forces are getting stronger!

Uscha Pohl
24 December 1998, in line at Penn Station

Uscha Pohl: Simon Henwood
Yvette Brackman: Subject of Desire
Nicolas Bertrand: Philippe Découflé
Anton Kern: Chris Johanson
Susan Shaw: Femme Fatale / Jemima Stehli
Angela Hill: The Exchange Student
Calvin Reid: Camp O.J. / Warren Neidich
Nigel Bennett: Vietnam
Hugo Tillman: Havana, Cuba
Eva Müller: Over-Exposed
Rebecca Shulman: Tango Mujer
R Richardson / M Keaton: The Mango Room
Tom Moody: Michael Phelan
Uscha Pohl: The Long Goodbye / Judith Eisler

Featured and Featuring:

Werner Amann, Polly Banks, Asha Bandele, Matthew Barney, Nigel Bennett, Tish Benson, Alex Bensimon, Q. Bertoux, Bless, Yvette Brackman, Nicolas Bertrand, Mark Borthwick, Jo Borthwick, Philippe Découflé, Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Judith Eisler, Angelika Fischer, Frisch, Angela Hill, Simon Henwood, Jamyla, Chris Johanson, Beth Houfek, Anton Kern, Elena Kriegner, Herta Kriegner, Tom Moody, Warren Neidich, Osondu, Hélio Oiticica, Michael Phelan, Uscha Pohl, Calvin Reid, Scars, Susan Shaw, Bill Schwartz, Rebecca Shulman, Dino Simonett, Valeria Solomonoff, Reg Star, Jemima Stehli, Hugo Tillman, T’kalla, Brigitte Winkler, Hans Winkler, Bernard Yenelouis.