VERY is now a year old and I guess one can cal it a toddler, growing fast! Like what they say about all first offsprings: VERY completely has changed my view of the world and life as a whole. I have met the parents of VERY’s mates and we are chatting per email and long distance while the kids play.

VERY is the result of a late 20th century nomadic lifestyle. There is a growing number of us who are form or live in or travel to different cultures on a more or less fundamental basis. We shift in professional fields without denying our soul. On the contrary. The beauty of this moment in time is, that more and more we can express our views in more than one way. Language is the key. Written, spoken, visual, medal, sound. Symbolism. — Communication is the future. In VERY 4 I am extremely happy about the variety of projects and everyone’s efforts to make it work in the varied VERY context.

In particular I would like to thank Juan Manuel Echavarria for opening his diaries for us. On another level, Herta Kriegner, for tutoring me all along on computer graphics.

For all of us who suffered through a cold and rainy summer, now caught in a heatwave, welcome back to another round of VERY. Thank you for joining us!

Uscha Pohl
Back from Europe, NYC, 18 August 1998

Manu Burghart & Bela Borsodi: Supernatural
Nicolas Bertrand: Vasken
Ioanna Theocharopoulou: Christian Hubert / The DESTE Foundation, Athens
Mark Dagley: Cult Music
Theresa Duncan: Yvette Brackman
Susan Shaw: We’re All Popstars Now
Matthew Collings: Richard Prince
Jens Hoffmann: contemporary.self.portraits
Lalli: UP & CO & Aurora Papafava dei Carraresi
Deborah Irmas: Gotscho
Angela Hill: Summer ‘98
Ana Tiscornia: Juan Manuel Echavarria
Uscha Pohl: Ellen Cantor

Featured and Featuring:

Nicolas Bertrand, Jeremy Blake, Bela Borsodi, Miachel Boadi, Lili Boulanger, Yvette Brackman, Manu Burghart, Ellen Cantor, Steve laydon, Matthew Collings, Henry Cowell, Martin Creed, Mark Dagley, Theresa Duncan, Juan Manuel Echavarria, Judith Eisler, Louise Forsling, Fritz & Giulia, Gob Squad, Gotscho, Pia Greschner, Angela Hill, Jens Hoffmann, Jon Bon Jovi, Christian Hubert, Sara Humberstone, Deborah Irmas, Jiri.ceiver, Kevin, Ellis Kreuger, Cees krjnen, Iam MacMillan, Adam McEwen, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Tom Moody, Sands Murray, Conlon Nancarrow, owada, Keiko Owada, David Owen, Aurora Papafava dei Carraresi, Harry Partch, Ken Ardley Plaboys, Uscha Pohl, Richard Prince, Michael Scalisi, Sean & Co, Susan Shaw, Anne Shenton, Barry Smith, Sean Snyder, Vibeke Tandberg, Regine Thorre, Vasken, Jessica Voorsanger, Ultra Warhol, James Worrall.