VERY invites you to go and see new places. Fashionista, come tread the trail of an art critic - artist, we see you getting into chart breaking music and clothing design - gallerist, weren't you just elaborating on 20th century interiors? And who wants to peek into the daily life of fashion? The list is endless and keeps getting longer. Cross fertilization has just begun to explode. VERY = Access X Selection ÷ global approach Welcome on board and thanks for ride!

Uscha Pohl, ready for take off
New York, 8 April 1998

Features in this issue:

Uscha Pohl: Lalli
Nicolas Bertrand: make-up artist Topolino
Olivia Funnell: Stylist Venetia Scott
Yvette Brackmann: Late Designer Elizabeth
Lauri Bortz: A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg
Jonathan Ferrara: Tribute to William S Burroughs
Christian Drantmann: Cult Plastic
Angela Hill: Cambridge Girl, Fashion
Uscha Pohl: "Haute Decorateur" Gerald Schmorl
Tom Moody: Op Art in the ‘90s
Karen Kilimnik: Paintings and Drawings
Liliane Fawcett: 1950's Design
Bernard Ruiz-Picasso: Poetry
Uscha Pohl: Exhibition "A Country of Mine", featuring Joe Andoe, Daniel Miller, Angela Hill, Antonio Longo,, Uscha Pohl

Collaborated with and featured in this issue:

Richard Alvarez, Joe Andoe, Nicolas Bertrand, Sean Bohary, Bela Borsodi, Lauri Bortz, Yvette Brackman, David Bradshaw, William S. Burroughs, Roberto Cabot, Gordon Christmas, David Clarkson, George Condo, Mark Dagley, Christian Drantmann, Marie-Hélène de Taillac, Liliane Fawcett, Jonathan Ferrara, Matt Freedman, Olivia Funnell, Sarah Gilfillian, Allen Ginsberg, Elizabeth Hawes, Angela Hill, Chantal James, Karen Kilimnik, Ellis Kreuger, Arlette Lacourt, Joe Lalli, Antonio Longo, Daniel Miller, Tom Moody, Chuck Nanney, Gisela Nölting, Uscha Pohl, Bernard Ruiz-Picasso,, Ray Rapp, Gerald Schmorl, Caroline Schneider, Venetia Scott, James Sleaford, Jürgen Teller, Topolino, John Tremblay, Alicia Wirt, Xing Chen.