…here today. As I was writing this, of course, VERY wasn't here yet, at all. VERY had yet to be printed. Put together, actually, too. The two "nows" so distinctively different. Far from casually waving the finished product, I was then-now, securely clutching the artwork in one hand and a Bloody Mary in the other. Still thousands of miles away from JFK, on my XXXflight London - New York.

The "here" and the "now" and the distance between, are very much part and issue of VERY. Every time you start out again. VERY, the magazine, is a forum for these life spans. Means, domains, results and concerns vary in VERY, issue to issue, page to page. Many sections are created by the protagonists themselves, untouched by the editor's pen. The quest is truthful representation of the creative and new. "Seeking new Oxygen" as Fred Sathal puts it.

Some of the VERY names you will recognize, some of them you won't. These are from a different field, most likely from a different country, or simply not known as yet. Being VERY you are either "there" or "getting there"… define your destination. VERY is checking here, an there, and at the departure gate.

VERY, issue one, is being launched as part of a threefold exhibition (called VERY too) at UP & CO. About fashion and art - art as the real thing, its interpretations and its new life as a magazine. There is something mysteriously fascinating in our fascination, media and the matter.

Lastly, but absolutely not least I would like to thank everyone initiating our VERY fate. Two VERY visionaries in particular, who helped push VERY over the edge to make VERY VERY, D.M. and Devon Dikeou.

Uscha Pohl
5 August 1997, somewhere above the North Atlantic and August 1997, New York City

VERY magazine was launched on September 5, 1997 at UP & CO, with and as part of the exhibition "VERY" featuring François Berthoud, Devon Dikeou, Angela Hill, Claire Jervert, Steven Klein, Ricardo de Oliveira and Uscha Pohl (see VERY 2).

Featured and featuring in this issue:

Tasha Amini, Hary Barijaona, François Berthoud, Nicolas Bertrand, Ilaria Bona, CHBP, Marc Comes, CHBP, Ernest Collins, Fabienne Coron, Annmarie Davy, Jeremy Deller, Devon Dikeou, James Dignan, Kodwo Eshun, Jonathan Ferrara, Angela Hill, Jan Höhe, CHBP, Sara Humberstone, Claire Jervert, Steven Klein, Ellis Kreuger, Ricardo de Oliveira, Pino Pipoli, CHBP, Kris Pito, Uscha Pohl, Bryan Rindfuss, Sasha, Fred Sathal, Scars, Mario Sorrenti, Eric Traoré, Alex White.

All VERY Publications are edited and published by founder/owner Uscha Pohl.


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Cover photo by Angela Hill

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