I am very excited to announce the forthcoming launch of the new edition of VERYstylemap ecological London together with VERY-eco.com.

VERYstylemap Ecological London: printed ecologically sound and FSC approved all the way, our ecomap is a beautiful little tactile object, soft matt paper and with a lacy gloss finish, to readily carry in your purse at all times. The map will be available from mid November at all UK Agnes b locations, and in other key ethical locations collaborating with us in London and internationally.

You can pick up your VERYstylemap at no charge in these locations as long as stock lasts, otherwise the maps can be ordered from this website at £2.50.

VERY-eco.com is an online forum for exchange combining the ecological section of our city guides, maps and the ecological and ethical part of VERY magazine.

Our first features link over to the anniversary issue of VERY magazine and include The Cold Way - Etienne Bourgois’ enterprising Tara expedition at the North Pole, Afghanistan Unveiled by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy; Turning Green gives you the low-down of how VERY got involved in all that is green.

Since its debut in 1996, as NY art & fashion space / independent publishing house, VERY UP & CO has been sensitive to humanitarian issues. As curator / director of the UP & CO gallery I have been particularly happy to promote works of artists with a broader picture in mind. Exemplary exhibitions were Juan Manuel Echavarria’s Escuela Nueva (1999) and Bolivar’s Plate (2000), both dealing with the complex and violent situation in Columbia. Yvette Brackman’s first solo show The Cause (1998) was an installation based on the artist’s father’s experiences in a Russian Gulag. The magazine reflects a similar synergy to the gallery programme featuring side by side positive creativity and issues to reflect and act upon.

Green, ecological, ethical, fairtrade, human rights—these issues are as intertwined as they are global and often overwhelming. The good news (if played right) is that the accumulative factor of our individual consumer choices counts more than ever and possibly more than voting polls.

So here we all come into play, and VERY into action! Our ecological guides and maps are little pretty handy helpers to make shopping acting, easy and fun. Enjoy; green is beautiful!.

Uscha Pohl
October 2007

"Life is a Breath, but with more compassion and love we can make life more pleasant and beautiful to live."

Quote Oscar Niemeyer, on the advent of his 100th anniversary, issue 12 of VERY magazine.

All VERY Publications are edited and published by founder/owner Uscha Pohl and emerged from her New York / London art enterprise UP & CO.


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