& Ecological NEW YORK

Your pocketsize handbook to New York, mini-mag and personal shopper's diary.

Recommendations on style, shopping, art & culture, restaurants, bars etc. jotted down by the locals in-the-know themselves ... flip the guide and find your ecological guide to New York - or, vice versa.



On the cover: Amanda Hesser
Photography: Sarah Shatz
Ring vintage, earrings Ted Muehling, make-up Lancôme, sweater Diane von Furstenberg, boots Vic Matie www.vicmatie.it, black jacket Built by Wendy

Cover - Ecological

On the cover: Summer Rayne Oakes
Photography: Faubel Christensen
Hand-painted silk cockroach dress by former design duo Yuma Topeka; crocheted scarves by Projekt - a woman's cooperative in South Africa; organic cotton jeans by Replay; vegan heels by Charmone Shoes.


John Walter - motion picture director, editor
Magnus Berger - editor, creative director of The Last Magazine
Min Young Lee - fashion designer
Mariana Zois - art student
Cinik - graffiti writer
Liz Christensen - art collection curator
Bellatrix Hubert - partner, director of a contemporary art gallery
Michael Nevin - artist, editor-in-chief of the journal
Merill Stubbs & Amanda Hesser - food writers, co-founders food52.com
Florian Idenburg - founder of Solid Objectives-Idenburg Liu
India Salvor Menuez - maker
Ross Menuez - designer
Adam Baruchowitz - owner of Wearable Collections Jesse Reding Fleming - installation artist
Bonnie Siegler & Emily Oberman - graphic designers
Maryte Kavaliauskas - filmmaker
Lissy Trullie - musician
Bryan Adams - musician, photographer
Mark Gonzales - artist, skateboarder
Reed van Nort - musician
Tino Razo - owner, manager Seshwan, Verte
Summer Rayne Oakes - discovery host, model-activist, author
Nathalie Karg - landscape gardener

Editor publisher: Uscha Pohl.
Editorial Team: Sarah Satz, Simon Kristoph, Anna Lopriore, Olimpia Dior, Philippe Blondez, Melanie & Stephanie Hausberger, Danniel Rangel, Patrick Bradbury.
Photography: Sarah Shatz, Faubel Christensen, Annabel Mehran, Olimpia Dior, Jaya One, Bryan Adams, Emma Reeves, Jimmy Fontaine
Art Direction: Uscha Pohl & Philippe Blondez.
Illustrations & Map Design: Philippe Blondez.
Production: printed with non-toxic vegetable inks on non-chlorine bleached paper from European sustainable foresting, at Bastian Druck, Germany.

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Amanda Hesser, photographed by Sarah Shatz
(On roll over, Ecological cover: Summer Rayne Oakes,
photographed by Faubel Christensen)