Your pocketsize handbook to Paris: a mixture of mini-mag and personal shoppers' diary. Recommendations are jotted down by the locals in-the-know themselves, including boutiques, restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, theatres, spas and much more.


This issue saw the launch of VERY Ecological cities - turn the guide upside down and check eco Paris on the other side of this booklet!

Our Paris office has been open now for over a year and our collaboration with BIL BO K has worked out fabulously. Mutually, actually: our VERY launch party for the first edition of BIL BO K international with Hugo Boss at Hugo Boss Sloane Square, London was a great success.

The VERY BIL BO K teams work seamlessly together these days in both cities. And for those who weren’t there to witness: it all started with Boudicca’s most beautiful Paris couture show in January 2007, and we will be forever grateful.

Uscha Pohl


On the cover: Joana Preiss, white leather coat Balenciaga, jeans Superfine.
Photo: Thomas Geffrier


Ronald Pineau - fashion & accessories designer
Joana Preiss - actor
Blanc - director of the art centre villa Noailles
Corinne Bouchain (aka Coco) - Les Tricots de Coco
Valentin - artist & visual manager
Philippe Blondez - publisher of Bil Bo K magazine
Sandrine Moukagni - Spanish teacher
Eric Giriat - illustrator
Rocio Vadillo - painter
Bruno Serre - journalist
Toufik aka 2Fik - communication agent
Trambs (Bertrand Fanonnel) - graphic designer
Gracieuse Casta - tv sales executives & talent booker
Milosh - sculptor, videographer, vj

Photography: Thomas Geffrier, Assaf Shoshan, Sarah Shatz, Timur Celikdag, Florentin Meng, Toufik, Florent Demarchez, Cedric Balor, Giovanni Tiberi, O2Design.

Editorial team: Danniel Rangel, Julian Demoraga, Iris Pébereau, Frederic Grossi, Philippe Blondez, Filippa Lidholm, Vanessa Boz, Sarah Shatz, Alex Butt, Melanie Hausberger, Stephanie Hausberger, Sarah Shatz, Mariam Faroughy-Quajar.

Production: Pre-press Isis, Offset IMP-Blanchard, Le Plessis-Robinson, France, Film Partner Fuji.

All VERY Publications are edited and published by founder/owner Uscha Pohl.


67B Queen’s Gardens, London W2 3AH
T +44 (0)20 7262 0612
PARIS: 11 rue de Braque 75003 Paris
T 01 42 71 80 59
257 Church Street, New York NY 10013
T 212 966 7847

Joana Preiss, photographed by Thomas Geffrier

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