One side of VERY NEW YORK is dedicated o the addresses of everything ecological and ethical.

With its own separate cover - “the back cover reversed” - the ecological guide offers new options to everyone who seeks to inject ecological and ethical principles into their daily life. These will permit the reader to live and shop in accordance to their convictions and to discover lesser known ecological domains like ethical banks, high end fashion labels which rely on truly ecological and/or ethical production and sourcing procedures, as well as “ecologically correct” information centres.

Welcome to VERYstyleguide ecological New York, our premiere eco issue integrated in VERY New York issue 11.

Following the great popularity of VERYstylemap ecological London, we are excited to be able to launch this new series for all the cities we currently cover: London, New York, Paris and Berlin. On this side we feature those who seeks to make a difference, either ecologically and / or ethically.

"Act now, or...", Katharine Hamnett puts it very clearly for us; I think we are (slowly) beginning to get the message.

So, let’s do something: while our environment is in rapid decline, at least, more of us decide to act and present more opportunities to potentially help bring a change. Important to remember is that our daily consumer choices are the truest democratic vote we hold and every act makes a difference when multiplied. The climate is changing, spending too, and someone has cottoned on. Let’s not quibble over what came first...

Here’s what we have located for you: eco-sustainable fashion design and accessories, organic products from food and wine to beauty,
towels and kids clothing. Travel by bike, pedicabs, electric cars or cabs, alternative medicine,... now we can have carrier bags and water bottles made of bio degradable corn.

Lastly, I am happy to be making this eco guide in a number of countries at the same time, in the hope it will foster ideas and collaboration.

Uscha Pohl



On the cover: Kate McGregor of Kaight; t-shirt Loom State, jeans Eden, boots Beyond Skin, wrap Lara Miller, jewellery Tam Aura
Photography: Sarah Shatz


VERY ecological NEW YORK
Kate McGregor - store owner, Kaight
Carolyn Coleman - musician and milliner

Photography: Sarah Shatz

Editiorial Team: Anna Lopriore, Simon Kristpoh, Kate McGregor, Sarah Shatz

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All VERY Publications are edited and published by founder/owner Uscha Pohl and emerged from her New York / London art enterprise UP & CO.


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Kate McGregor, photographed by Sarah Shatz