Your pocketsize handbook to New York: a mixture of mini-mag and personal shoppers’ diary.

Recommendations are jotted down by the locals in-the-know themselves, including boutiques, restaurants, bars, cafés, clubs, theatres, spas and much more.

Issue 10

Cover: Hope Atherton, Artist, Socialite.
Photo: Faubel Christensen

Alexandre Plokhov - Designer
Andy Salzer - Creative Director
Steven Alan - Retailer
Meredith Kahn - Jeweler
Sean Mcnanney - Retailer, Restauranteur
Lara Suarez - Director of Visuals
Jason Schell - Public Relations
Satch Hoyt - Artist
Jenny Holzer - Artist
Lisa Mosco - Stylist
Corinne Dolle - Visual Artist
Eileen Quinlan - Artist
Richie Akiva - Restauranteur, Socialite
Elena Pankova - Artist
Martien Mulder - Photographer
Masako Kaufman - Talent Scout
Natasha Stanglmayr - Producer
Mutale Kanyata - Photo Producer
Mike Skinner - Musician

Photography - Faubel Christensen, Martien Mulder, Sarah Shatz, Alex Freund, Liz Wendelbo

Photo: Faubel Christensen