Issue 9

Hamish Bowles, European Editor at Large, American Vogue
Peter Kent, Design Consultant.

Alison Lloyd aka Ally Capellino, designer of clothes and accessories
Serenella Cazac, Buddhist Punk PR, MA in creative writing at UEA
Pippa Small, jewelry designer / Anthropologist
Andy Cohen, artist and (sex) toy maker. Owner, Babes
Lulu Kennedy, Fashion East Director
Kuddy, owner of Kuddyco
Monica Vasconcelos, singer & art producer with the BBC worldwide, Brazilian Section
Sophie de Stempel, artist
Teppei, fashion designer, illustrator
Giorgiana Cavendish, model and professional dancer (ballet&contemporary)
Kenny Schachter, reinventing himself every 6 months
Virginia Damtsa, art dealer, Riflemaker Gallery
Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings, artists. Emma, Mosaicist
mtthew, art writer and TV art critic
Agnieszka (Aga) Sierek, fashion designer
Tim Blanks, TV Presenter / Journalist
Robert Elms, broadcaster
Nigel Coates, architect and designer
Paul Fryer, optimist
Sally Rodgers & Steve Jones
, songwriter/singer/DJ/producer
Steve, Piano player/producer
Duncan Cargill, creative director, The Hospital Group

Andrew Lamb, Ben Ingham, Chris Brooks, Scotia Luhrs, Philip Sinden, Dionysios Dimoulitsas, Tomek Sierek, Joe McGorty, James Miller

Photo: Dionysios Dimoulitsas