Issue 6

Bebel Gilberto, photographed by Kyoko Hamada.

Featured in order of appearance:
...ont participé à ce numéro:
Bebel Gilberto, Singer Songwriter
United BambooMiho Aoki & Thuy Pham, Fashion Designers
Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Actor
Jussara Lee, Mother, Designer, Lover, Friend
Michael Devellis, Executive Director, Artist Relations M.A.C
Nana Asfour  & Johnny Mullen, Writer & Painter
Francesca Sorrenti, Photographer
Maurizio Cattelan, Loser
Mikiko Ooka  & Dave Denis, Student & X-Dreem Main Man, Stuff Maker
Ben Widdicombe & Horacio Silva, Gossip Columnists, Chic Happens
Futura 2000, Independent Creative
Annèe Olofsson, Artist
Gibb Slife, Artist
Wk Interact, Street Interactive Artist
The Red Lights: Miss Liz Wendelbo & Avena Venus Gallagher & KT
Oliver & Domie (A Touch of Class), Production Duo, Record Label
Angela Deane & Christopher Crawford, Design Partners, Shopkeepers
Jamel Shabazz, Photographer

Sarah Shatz, Kyoko Hamada, Miss Liz Wendelbo, KT Auleta, Faubel Christensen, Booby, Brian Finke, tourniquet, Gaby Karan.

Cover photo by Kyoko Hamada