Issue 3

Muzia Sforza, Simon Heah, Seth Redniss photographed by Flo Kolmer.

Featured in order of appearance:
...ont participé à ce numéro:
Marc Hare, Doer of Something
Yuko Yabiku, Producer, Director, Pineal Eye
Hardy Blechman, Creative Director, Maharishi
Simon Heah, Student, Architect, Shopkeeper
Orsola de Castro, Designer, from somewhere
Christina Kim, Designer
Zowie Broach, Designer (on the verge of a nervous breakdown), Boudicca
Bryan Kirby, Dissident Designer, Boudicca
Tanya Hagen, Co-owner of Lifestyle Death PR, Model with Select Management
Götz Werner, Director, Writer, Editor, Lodown Magazine
Tamsin de Roemer, Creative Director Jade Inc
Tabitha Ritchie, MD of Naked Health
Patricia Jellicoe, Lecturer in Art, Metropolitan Museum NY, 20 years
Detmar Blow, Art Dealer
Victoria Fernandez Vega, Image Cosultant
Celia Lyttelton, Critic and Artist
Jane Mulvagh, Biographer, Journalist, Mother
Alex Marr, Writer
Paul Bernstock & Thelma Speirs, Fashion designers, Bernstock & Speirs
Robert Cary-Williams, Designer, Artist
Claire Marie O’Brien, Fashion Designer, Taylor
Aurora Papafava dei Carraresi, Fashion & Textile Designer, Lecturer for Printed Textile
Sarah Daggar-Nickson, Video-Director, Writer
Jason Shulman, Designer
Muzia Sforza, Architect, Designer

Flo Kolmer, Monica Castiglioni, Scotia Lutz, Naoni Tracz, Peter Westh, Dennis Schoenberg.

Cover photo by Flo Kolmer