VERYeye2eye creates a new platform showcasing the crucial force in style: ACCESSORIES… subtle or latent: they are the decisive accent bringing cult groups together and equally setting them worlds apart.

VERYeye2eye looks at accessory / art / lifestyle from a modern point of view and with its wide-angle perspective includes perfume and travel, and a freefall look at contemporary creativity – from the feet up, for men and women alike.

VERYeye2eye is the first of VERY special editions and was published in September 2004 in collaboration with the eye2eye accessory exhibition.

Editor & Art Direction:
Uscha Pohl

Peppe Orru, Marina Olivati, Laird Borelli, Aric Chen, Celia Lyttelton, Deborah Fitzgerald, Bobby Hillson, Mia Adams, Victoria Fernandez, Bobby Hillson, Stephen Jones, Dora Fung, Sasa Thomann, Sahara Meer, Sam Samore, Marlo Williams, Anna Lopriore, Marko Matysik, Simon Kristoph

Peter Ashworth, Faubel Christensen, Ziggi Golding, Martine Houghton, Andy Cohen, Cees Krijnen, Celia Lyttelton, Mia Enell, Matthieu Deluc, Ebrico Sacchetti, Dionysios Dimoulitsas, Andrew Lamb, Magda Tur, Uscha Pohl, Joe McGorty, Gustavo Camilo, Regine Rack, Sarah Shatz, Tomek Sierek, Philip Sinden, Vincent Sannier, Peter Westh.

Illustration: Manu Burghart, Bobby Hillson, Petra Boerner, Sophie Toulouse


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