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agnès b as a company has always been involved with humanitarian projects, especially in Africa where we have built schools and a community clinic. We are committed in the battle against AIDS. (We have handed out 1, 5 million condoms worldwide over more than ten years throughout our stores in a bid to halt this terrible disease), and raise money every day for various causes through the sale of specific items in the store, whose profits all go to charity.

Today, with external projects such as the Tara Arctic continuously monitoring global warming (a schooner owned by Etienne Bourgois, son of agnès b, and CEO of the brand) and internal agnès b projects, as a company we are committing ourselves to the environment.

We are moving forward to make our stores carbon neutral, implementing ecological packaging, recycling where possible and using energy friendly lighting in all stores. This is now an ongoing mission until we as a company are carbon free. But this follows what we have always done since agnès b was founded.