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French living in Paris.


The TGV event for Gay Pride in 1996 with Franckie Knuckles, magical! The shoot for the TGV compilation sleeve in 2001, naked by Karl Lagerfeld…


All the markets of the world since forever and the beaches of Goa for the past 15 years.


Restaurant Des Gars dans la Cuisine in rue Vieille du Temple for the manioc fries, the organic brunch on Sunday, and the friendly team. Pink Flamingo in rue Bichat for having reconciled me with pizzas, out-of-the-ordinary pizzas, the eco concept of bicycle deliveries, the American owner, sexy and too nice - the second Pink Flamingo is now open on rue Vieille du Temple in the 3rd!
The bar La Rose des Sables, rue de Lancry; minuscule but authentic small old Parisian bar (“parigot”), a melting-pot of the people in the neighbourhood having a coffee at the counter.
Restaurant Thensurabi, rue Louis Blanc, for its terrace and best mimosas in the Indian quarter (they are the only fresh ones!), the shrimp curry and the Mango lassi.
Chanel, rue Cambon, if one had to mention one boutique it would be this one. The reception, the professionalism of the staff who are never pretentious (ask for Marie-Cécile), in short, real ‘class’!
*****L in the 3rd for its sweatshirt de-luxe line which never goes out of fashion and the décor boudoir style for men.
Betino Records rue Saint Sébastien in Bastille for their vinyls, new or vintage. There I found the original version of the film Thomas Crown Affair in perfect state.
Le Kube Hotel for its bar of ice and the soirées on Wednesdays where I dj once a month.

Sth Eco in my life…

I recycle everything since forever, clothes of course, but also almost the whole household.

Photo: Thomas Geffrier. Black ‘80s dress Angelo Tarlazzi. Bespoke coat (Chanel inspired), shoes Miu Miu