Kate Tunstall, musician

British living in London.


Playing Glastonbury for the first time. Winning my Brit Award. My guilty pleasures birthday parties. Being invited to meet the Dalai Lama.


New York. Itís more laid back, less cynical London. Makes me feel 18 again.


Southbank, London. Amazing walk from Embankment, across the bridge, past all the buskers, past the London Eye, past the amazing subterranean skater park, all the way to the way to Number 2... eco friendly as itís all about walking.
Tate Modern: my favourite art museum along with the Frick collection in NY. The Turbine Hall exhibits are so inspiring and exciting, London boozer with red velvet stools the best jukebox going. Itís hidden up a winding little Dickensian cobbled side street and has an amazing restaurant opposite where you can watch beautiful young things performing traditional flamenco.
The Hayward Gallery. A sci-fi concrete 70ís structure that houses the most exciting exhibits going. My favourites so far have been an exhibit of the amazing Anish Kapoor and a sound installation with contributions from the likes of Brian Eno.
Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill. Beautiful old theatre building, now an arts cinema. You can buy a beer, a couch, and watch some food for the soul. Last trip was to see ĎThe Future is Unwrittení, fantastic Joe Strummer documentary by Julian Temple.
93 Feet East, hip-but-fun East London arts club. Great music nights, clubs and live bands - Iíve done a couple of really enjoyable gigs there myself - not too stuffy, great vibe, creative but not pretentious. Got together with my soul mate there dancing to a Knight Rider re-mix on top of a table so will always have a place in my heart. Eastcote Studios. My favourite recording studio ever. Tiny, weird, sometimes odd-smelling, virtually untouched since the 70ís, sports a portrait of a very young Frank Sinatra on the wall looking curiously like Robert Johnson.
Hammersmith Apollo. One of the greatest and most fulfilling music venues where a girl can play.

Eco Tip

If you donít need it, donít buy it. If you donít want it, give it to a charity shop, donít throw it away.

Sth Eco in my lifeÖ

Walking up things. I have a desire to get to the highest point in all the different cities we visit to try and get my bearings and get a handle on the character of the place. But my favourite is getting to the highest point in a natural landscape. It gives me perspective on life and makes me fall ever more in love with the planet.

PS. Bats always fly left out of their caves.

Photo: Sarah Shatz. Short sleeve sequin jacket D & G, jeans Sass and Bide, T shirt and sweatshirt vintage. Styling: Sara Dunn, hair Pasquale Ferrante, make-up Meredith Baraf.