VERY & friends”, really means the same as “UP&CO” ... “Uscha Pohl & company”, which would be myself & my friends and collaborators — a notion which often blends into one. Ever since we launched in Tribeca in 1996, VERY UP&CO champions platforms for creative projects, in print, in art, in fashion, in sound, in ecology, ... And the VERY people behind it all.

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First things first – have you seen our new issue of VERY yet? Check it out: ... Sir Paul Smith on luxury today, Zowie Broach’s take on being copied  - with Sarah Shatz’s photos of twins Melanie and Stephanie wearing Boudicca and their high street versions.... “Time” by François Dagognet, projects by Thomas Geffrier, Danakil, ... And much more!


While you may not have been looking, we created :  a combination of VERY eco city guides and maps, part magazine, part link-to platform, and this s just the beginning: London is the first city to go live, with beautiful maps drawn by Manu Burghart . Start using the info hub, and soon we’ll upload the new cities to come!

Lately, you’re much more likely to bump into me at a Eurostar terminal, than at LHR or JFK. And Philippe Blondez of BIL BO K has a lot to do with it. New partners in crime, VERY and BIL BO K decided to share their European locations and one of the outcomes is the first BIL BO K INTERNATIONAL. Journal / coffee table book / magazine to study and treasure covering art, literature, philosophy et al. Bi-lingual, English/French. Missed the launch? Get your copy now on:

Just when you thought no new perfume could positively astound you any longer, WODE by Boudicca is going to have you take that back. Sophisticated and elegant, your unisex scent nouveau comes straight out of the most beautiful spray can – and it’s blue! In vanishing spy ink Yves Klein-colour, just like the Wode graffitis on NY’s skyscrapers, it’s this year’s chicest Xmas present. Available visible & invisible:

Can you look up by looking down? Yes you can, and Monica Castiglioni will show you how. Her novelty take on the NY skyline and Tribeca’s disappearing old city structure is purely composed from shots which are all surprising reflections. “You’ll never look at a puddle quite the same again, or New York for that matter! And yes, I did write the text! A Glimpse in the Puddle”.  Published by Charta.
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