VERYstyleguides are published in two ranges:
CITY & Ecological CITY, and FASHION.

VERYstyleguides CITY are your pocket sized city biblettes. VERY CITY guides are the VERY "people" guides for each city, portraying each capital through the eyes of our ‘VERY Heroes’: their personal recommendations are captured and represented as a pre-arranged address book. Check it out for fashion, shopping, culture, culinary pleasures, other leisure activities or special features good to know. A mixture of mini-mag and personal shoppers’ diary, these are essential bag fillers for any intrepid urban explorer. Seriously unisex, they fit snugly into jeans and jacket pockets.

"...must-haves for the very fashionable!"
"Jam-packed with in-the-know listings..."
"...trendy travellers don’t leave home without it."
"...has its finger on the pulse."

The ecological range combined as flip-over of VERY CITY:

One side of each CITY guide is dedicated to the addresses of everything ecological and ethical.

With its own separate cover - "the back cover reversed" - the ecological guide offers new options for everyone who seeks to inject ecological and ethical principles into their daily life. These permit the reader to live and shop in accordance to their convictions and to discover lesser known ecological domains like ethical banks, high end fashion labels which rely on truly ecological and/or ethical production and sourcing procedures, "ecologically correct" information centres.

'VERY heroes’ introducing the ecological guides include Katharine Hamnett, David de Rothschild, KT Tunstall, Summer Rayne Oakes, Nina Dolcetti and German’s forefront ecological design professor Herbert Weinand.

For the online version of Ecological London click here.

VERY CITY GUIDES (issue 12):
VERY New York, London, Paris, Berlin

Special Edition: Rio de Janeiro

Coming soon: VERY Milan, Rome,
Coming soon: Buenos Aires, Lima,
Coming soon: Istanbul ...

Annual - A6, pocket size.

VERYstyleguide FASHION now proudly represents 19 different cities making it the ‘must-have’ global creative biz directory for the international fashion/art/design set. With a penchant for the independent and avant-garde, VERYstyleguide FASHION is the ultimate “best-of” directory. Plus, behind the scenes portraits and details of your favourite people.

Cities featured in VERY FASHION 2006:
Barcelona, Madrid, Benelux, Germany, Budapest, Istanbul, London, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, New York

Published at intervals - A6, pocket size.

All VERY Publications are edited and published by founder/owner Uscha Pohl.


VERYstyeguides CITY & Ecological CITY VERYstyleguides FASHION

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